Shipping Process



At Sallaum Lines, everyone can ship! You do not have to be a shipping professional in order to complete and succeed in delivering your shipment to a certain destination.

  • Steps to be taken
  • Schedule & Rate
  • Booking
  • Required documents
  • Tracking


Consult our schedules for planning and time-tracking your shipment. Please be advised when booking an occasional shipment, procedures might take up a full week.

  • Schedules
  • Europe - Africa Schedule
  • US - Africa Schedule


Shipping for the first time with Sallaum Lines? Tell us who you are, and please describe the cargo you would like to be shipped.

In order to provide you with a proper and accurate quotation, it is utterly important to give us as many information as possible regarding the cargo and destination.



Once the schedule is checked and the rate is confirmed, the next step is to book the units to be shipped. The Line has many Forwarding Agents localized in both Europe and US.

  • Agents
  • Sasco Group GmbH
  • CMG
  • European Car Services Ltd
  • Sallaum Group CH
  • Sallaum Group U.S - Ashburn
  • Sallaum Group U.S - Bayonne
required documents


Please be advised that certain documents related to the vehicle are unconditionally needed for proper shipping and handling according to local legislation.

  • Documents
  • the original registration certificate (European Community)
  • If the vehicle is outside the EC, customs documents must be provided or other certificates approved by the EC indicating the legality of the vehicle (e.g certificate of loss of gray card stamped by the European Police)



When depositing a vehicle, certain procedures and security measures are applicable. Please be aware of the following steps to be undertaken:

  • Procedures
  • Specify the destination of the vehicle staff parking
  • Park the vehicle at the location indicated by staff
  • Turn off the vehicle and leave the keys in the ignition
  • If there is a code or an alarm, please inform the staff

bill of sale


The deed of sale is the purchase invoice of a vehicle. An invoice from a Belgian or European Community dealer is required when registering the vehicle.

  • Containings
  • Full details of the dealer
  • An invoice number
  • The name of the vehicle
  • A price excluding VAT
  • Full details of the recipient (ie the name, phone, city, country, port of discharge of the person receiving the vehicle destination)

private vehicle


In case you ship your own vehicle, you need to communicate this at forwarding agent's office, thus complete a supplementary form to be included.

  • Details
  • Full details of the recipient (i.e. the name, phone, city, country, port of discharge of the person receiving the vehicle)
  • The Description of the vehicle
  • An estimation of the vehicle price is requested for the Belgian customs. The name of the receiving person cannot be changed under any circumstance unless a certified paper is provided from the receiving person himself.

method of payment


Clarify the method of payment. Once the registration is completed, the staff will ask you to specify the method of payment. There are two possibilities:

  • Possibilities
  • Spot (cash)
  • Bank transfer

In case of bank transfer, it is imperative to communicate the last 6 digits of the chassis. Every vehicle is paid in cash for priority boarding the first ship to sail.



If a vehicle has not been fully paid for service at destination arrival, the agent reserves the right to sell the vehicle in order to recover costs of transportation on the 15th day after discharge, and this without appeal. If however the transport cost is paid on time within 15 days, the vehicle documents (car registration and bill of lading) are then transferred to our agents at least 1 week after the departure of the vessel.

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