Newsletter Q2 2024

Sallaum Lines proudly announces the appointment of Natalie Sallaum as its new Chief Relationship Officer (CRO), effective May 31, 2024. Natalie brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role, having previously served as Head of Sustainability for three years, where she played a central role in driving our sustainability strategy to notable milestones. 

Read our press release to know more. 

In recognition of great efforts invested, Sallaum Terminal & Sallaum Lines Belgium are pleased to announce that they have been awarded:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • ISO 14001:2015 Certification

By adopting internationally recognized standards, Sallaum Lines Belgium has ensured that it’s taking proactive measures to reduce the environmental impact, promote sustainability, comply with relevant regulatory requirements, and enhance quality management and customer satisfaction. 

Sallaum Lines was back at this year’s Break Bulk Europe, joining more than 11,000 attendees at the largest global event for the project cargo and breakbulk industry! Our team had a blast interacting with participants, strengthening key existing relationships, and growing new connections. 

This event served as a unique platform for Sallaum Lines to share exciting developments with existing and new clients, stay ahead of the curve with industry trends, and discuss the brand’s visions for the future of breakbulk logistics. 

Sallaum Lines attended ECG – The Association of European Vehicle Logistics’ Annual General Assembly and Spring Congress, set against the picturesque backdrop of Baveno, Italy.  

The much-anticipated event was a unique and constructive experience featuring ECG’s activities, elections for the ECG Board, President, and Vice-President, a graduation ceremony for ECG Academy Course 17, and a line-up of engaging presentations. 

With the theme “Driving Green Innovation: Premier NEV Platform for a Sustainable Future in Europe”, Sallaum Lines participated in the European NEV Industry Chain Conference 2024 in Munich, Germany. 

The event provided a comprehensive platform for industry stakeholders to share insights, strategies, and innovations related to NEVs. It gathered over 500 senior attendees, including representatives from public organizations, academic institutes, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), battery manufacturers, charging and infrastructure providers, power and utility companies, technology providers, and consulting firms. 

As the Managing Director for both Sallaum Lines Belgium & Sallaum Terminal, David Van Ballaert joined as a public speaker to discuss the challenges and solutions and discover the road to the rapid and healthy development of the European NEVs and battery industry. 

Represented by COO Kay Lemcke, CRO Natalie Sallaum, and Maritime Sustainability Manager Charbel Khoueiry, Sallaum Lines attended as a visitor for this year during the Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition 2024 that took place at Metropolitan Expo in Athens, Greece. 

This year’s event has proven to be more than just an exhibition; it brought together the industry’s most influential figures to share their insight on succeeding and thriving in this volatile and uncertain era through main conference sessions, focused technical workshops, and seminars. 

On World Oceans Day, we at Sallaum Lines aim to shed light on our collaborative efforts to ensure the ocean’s health and well-being. Through our Blue Spark Program, we support ecological monitoring and research within the Inhambane Bay Community Conservation Network and the enforcement of the network’s twelve community-managed MPAs. 

The Community Conservation Network protects vital ecosystems like mangroves, seagrass beds, and other estuary and wetland spaces, providing essential breeding, nursery, and foraging areas for fish and threatened species, including dugongs, dolphins, and sea turtles. 

Together, we strive to make a positive, lasting impact on the Marine Conservation Institute, contributing to local communities’ long-term health and welfare. 

On June 15, we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the successful launch of our new brand identity.

At Sallaum Lines, we believe change is crucial for growth and development.

One year later, our refreshed brand continues to inspire and drive us forward as we strengthen our connection to our core values: customer-oriented, safety, innovation and continuous improvement, environmental responsibility, ethics and integrity, and teamwork.

“The past year has shown what we can achieve with dedication and a clear vision. This anniversary celebrates our commitment to our values and the progress we’ve made together.” Said Sami Sallaum

Outlining an ambitious renovation and expansion plan to address automotive industry logistics challenges, Sallaum Terminal has inaugurated a massive expansion plan with an expected delivery phase 2 by the end of quarter 4, 2024.  

This 20-million-euro initiative aims to enhance the company’s capacity to manage the increasing demands of the automotive sector and streamline logistics processes. 

Read our press release to know more.