Corporate Responsibility

Success comes hand in hand with hardship. The ongoing support we received from the members of our community helped us overcome the many challenges along the way and build a successful corporation.

We always believed that it was our duty to respond to the communities which lacked the resources to create lasting change for the better, but showed abundance in good will and potential. That is why in 2017 we officially founded the Sallaum Humanity Foundation, thus creating a formal, public-facing framework of our founder’s previous humanitarian activities.

Sallaum Lines dedicates a percentage of its profits to the Foundation.


Sallaum Humanity Foundation

“Our vision is to provide equal opportunities to everyone.”

Mr. Ibrahim Sallaum, The Founder of the Foundation.

Learn more about the Foundation:

Sallaum Humanity Foundation is a registered social service, voluntary, non-profit, national-level organization (NGO) dedicated to helping underprivileged people and persons with disabilities in local communities where Sallaum Lines operates. The Foundation’s mission is to make people’s lives by:

  • eliminating poverty,
  • creating a secure future for its people,
  • helping the underprivileged communities, and
  • saving the environment.
  Some of Foundation’s programs include:
  • Language learning
  • Digital literacy & IT skills
  • Literacy with crafts for youth
  • Business & enterprise skills