“Nothing is more important than to remain a key factor in our customers’ success”


The Founder of Sallaum Lines DMCC


Shipping as a profession is much more than just business. To me and the hardworking employees of Sallaum Lines, shipping has always been inseparable from our tradition and culture.


This strong bond fueled our perseverance in overcoming the many difficulties we were facing, especially during the last few years when a lot of liners were obliged to either stop their service or change their routings and business models.


Despite this troublesome business climate, Sallaum Lines grew. It gives me immense satisfaction to report that Sallaum Lines DMCC is now one of the top shipping lines. Our services which started in Antwerp, Belgium in 2009 have expanded and moved into new geographical regions during the years to follow. Today our service covers Europe and USA to West African ports and the Mediterranean, with plans to cover many new routes in the near future. We’ll keep growing, improving, and expanding our global activities based on the foundations on which we’ve built this company, namely the sustainability of our business model, the wisdom of the management team, and the expertise of our workforce.

I am especially proud of our employees and their dedication to always provide excellent customer service, the number one reason our customers turn to us and stay with us. In these turbulent times, there is nothing more important than to remain a key factor in our customers’ success. I applaud every person in Sallaum Lines for their efforts and I urge them to always use continuous improvement as their compass.

My deepest gratitude goes to our business partners in the shipping industry as well: you sent plenty of support our way and helped us provide our shipping services without compromising our core values. Now that we’re in the position to be the rising tide that lifts all boats, let us pay this tremendous support forward.

With my best regards,

Ibrahim Sallaum

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