1000+ European and US entities have chosen Sallaum Lines for reliable ocean transportation of cars, trucks, and rolling projects.  

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Why Choose RORO Shipping with Sallaum Lines


Reliable schedule
Our well-established schedule across 20+ global ports enables you to plan your shipments with precision and confidence.

Faster delivery
No more delays caused by split shipments: our high-capacity vessels can load all your cargo units in one lot.

Competitive rates
We always adjust our prices so that they remain a factor of success for our business partners.

Expertise since 2002
We shipped more than 1.5 million vehicles and developed tried-and-tested procedures for effective cargo transport.


Cars and Vehicles

We specialize in RORO shipping of vehicles on board our high-capacity Pure Car/Truck Carrier (PCTC) vessels.

Covered long-term storage
We recommend our VIP service for storing your valuable units in a closed warehouse until loading.
Quality control and inspection
All units are inspected upon receiving to make sure we deliver your vehicles in the same condition in which we received them.


Trucks, Busses and Trailers

Sallaum Lines fleet of Pure Car/Truck Carriers (PCTC) are perfectly designed to load the maximum amount of trucks, busses and trailers, with most flexible deck heights and average loading capacity 4.500 Lane Meters.  

High & Heavy Machineries

High & Heavy Handling Expertise Well-trained and experienced stevedores, guided by our super-cargoes are handling your sensitive H&H equipment in load and discharge ports.  


We can load all types of large and specialized cargo on mobile loading platforms (mafi trailers), including:
  • Steel
  • Project Cargo
  • Boats

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Ocean Transportation

Sallaum Lines, a specialized RORO ocean transportation company, is a leader in its field, ranked #10 worldwide.

Our routes connect Europe and the USA with North, West, South Africa and the Mediterranean, with many more routes planned for the near future. The line services its customers through a fleet of owned and chartered vessels.

Land Transportation

We collaborate with our sister company Salloum Logistics to offer our customers reliable land transportation. As a major player in Europe, Salloum Logistics transports vehicles to our terminal at the Port of Antwerp.