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Add your talent, experience and professionalism to our international team of 500+ employees and seize the abundant opportunities only a global company can offer. Please apply for currently available positions listed below or submit your CV for future consideration.

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Currently Available Positions

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What We Offer

Large array of professions
We offer shipping line careers, vessel-related careers, ports and terminals careers, and various customer-facing and partner-facing careers. Given that we’re part of Sallaum Enterprises, a larger family of global companies which provides integrated logistics solutions specializing in transportation, in the future you may want to expand your career beyond Sallaum Lines SA.

Individual career development
Our seniors will help you become the specialist you’ve always aspired to be. Taking your unique talents into consideration, we will guide your individual development to positions where you can exhibit and practice your true strengths.

Leadership development
We prefer to promote talented people to leadership positions from within our companies. To help you become the leader our employees and customers ask for, we’ll ensure you receive proper mentorship and specialized education.

Travel opportunities
Sallaum Lines has 6 companies and offices on 3 continents. To help you develop faster as a person and a professional, we will encourage you to travel to our global offices and work deeply embedded in another culture with new challenges.

Stimulative salary
We always keep our salaries up-to-date and above the industry average.

Continuous education
We will invest in your future with us by having you attend internal workshops, international conferences, exhibitions, fairs, and international industry events.

What We Expect From You

Dedication to customer success
Everything we do, we do to remain a key factor in our customers’ success. You’ll need a high level of flexibility and decision-making skills in order to perform your daily activities or quickly solve customer challenges.

Solution-oriented attitude
Challenges arise on a daily basis in the shipping industry , but our employees are trained to use their skills to tackle any issue with confidence. Your solution-oriented attitude is a prerequisite, though.

You’re a reliable person who is also accountable for your actions. Every point of contact with your colleagues, customers, or partners counts toward our mutual success as a company.

You embrace multiculturalism
Joining a global company means working with colleagues and customers from cultures and walks of life other than your own. If you find such a diverse work environment appealing, you’ll thrive at Sallaum Lines.

Desire to improve yourself
We hire experienced professionals as well as train young people at the beginning of their careers. Whether junior or senior, you must seize each and every opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge.

Independent within a strong team
Your future colleagues are competent individuals who are willing to take risks and initiative, but who also always put their team above personal gain. Building strong teams is one of our priorities and you will be trained to always act with your team in mind.