Our Approach

ESG at Sallaum Lines

Here at Sallaum Lines, we believe in a sustainable approach to business conducted in a conscious, socially responsible, and ethical manner. The benefits of that approach are two-fold: sustainability is morally correct and contributes to long-term value creation. We believe that we can use our ecological efforts for conscious business growth.

Our Vision is Bold

To be the leading provider of RoRo shipping solutions, by providing our customers with the most reliable, efficient, and sustainable shipping solutions. We strive to continuously innovate and invest in our people, processes, and technology to stay ahead and meet the evolving needs of our customers. We aim to operate with the highest standards of safety, environmental responsibility, and ethical business practices, contributing to the well-being of the communities we serve and the planet we share. Our ultimate goal is to move towards a sustainable future by achieving 0 emissions by 2050.

Key Numbers

-14 %

C02 emissions 2021 vs 2022

-40 %

C02 emissions target 2030

47 %

Female office emloyees


Target: Zero emission shipping

Environmental, Social and Governance

Governance of sustainability in Sallaum Lines is anchored in the Board of Directors (Global Sustainability Committee) and the Executive Leadership Team. Under their oversight, our sustainability governance and integration approach secures executive ownership of sustainability and involvement in setting priorities and driving implementation. In addition, we have an integrated approach regarding strategy, perfor­mance, planning, and risk management. In 2021, we revised the governance structure on decarbonising logistics to accelerate our efforts. This includes:

  • An expanded steering committee with an executive member serving as an accountable decision-making forum and supported by a broader decarbonisa­tion advisory group.
  • Prepared work plans and strategies.
  • Ensured alignment across the company.

The advisory group has defined a set of workstreams covering commercialisa­tion, energy efficiency, fleet and network, retrofitting, new fuels, sourcing, and framework conditions.By 2045, we envision our ships fully powered by renewable energy sources.

Read more about our ESG work in our 2022 sustainability report.

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