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Economic: Economic Actions and Commitments

Economic Performance Leading to Prosperity

Over the three decades of its existence, Sallaum Lines had tremendous growth driven by its reputation, flexibility, solid infrastructure, wise management, and strong client relations. The revenue increased more than three times from 2016 to 2022.

The company’s revenue increased by more than 3.4x folds over the 2016-2022 period equivalent to a CAGR of 28%.

The pandemic temporarily slowed down growth, challenging the automotive industry with the semiconductor shortage. As a result, manufacturers had to stall or decrease their production lines. However, that sector is moving back to the growth side. The LMC Automotive forecasts a dramatic increase in global vehicle production throughout 2023, expecting an increase of four million more vehicles compared to 2022. The semiconductors are already on their path to recovery with alternative solutions, like capacity allocation and more resilient management. We stand ready for the expected production expansion in the second half of 2023, bringing more contracts and transporting requirements for the European market.

Enterprise Income Tax
The company complies with the Swiss tax laws and regulations alongside other relevant tax regulations of the jurisdictions in all countries where we operate. During the reporting period, Sallaum Lines fulfilled all its local tax obligations across those countries without having any tax disputes or fines for violations of tax regulations.

Customer at the Centre

High-standard Services
In 2022, we improved our customer service standards worldwide by covering the whole process of international liner shipping services:

  • Space booking and booking response were upgraded to an instant
    booking confirmation service (right after the shipping instructions are
    received from the customer)
  • The issuing of a bill of lading was accelerated to one working day after the vessel departure, shortening the time to the targeted eight working hours in internal tracking (starting immediately after the cargo is shipped onboard)

Managing Customers Complains and Satisfactions
Sallaum Lines conducted a customer satisfaction survey worldwide, including Europe, the USA, and Africa. The statistics showed that customer satisfaction increased in 2022 compared to 2020.

Customer Privacy Protection
Our duties include the protection of customer information and respecting customer privacy. In 2022, we continued our efforts to improve customer privacy protection and prevention of any loss or illegal use of customer information. We will not share customer information with others except with our employees, agencies authorised by the customers, partners, and subsidiaries. Additionally, we will not disclose or sell customer or prospect information. We haven’t received any customer complaints due to a violation of customer privacy.

Growth Driven by Technology
While keeping pace with technology as the fastest-growing industry, shipping companies constantly adopt new solutions that transform their products, services, and operations. Sallaum Lines supported a business-changing software solution for all RoRo shipping business needs: from online booking supported by vehicle references data and VIN decoder, across booking confirmations and dock receipts, to automatically generated customs declarations, integration with preferred shipping lines and automated invoicing process.