Corporate Social Responsibility

The Wavemakers Initiative

Wavemakers, At Sea and On Land

The seas are vital to not only our business, but also the planet and humanity. While our ships make waves from port to port, we aim to be wavemakers in a larger sense. “The Wavemakers Initiative” encompasses all of our company values and CSR actions.

The Wavemakers Initative has three main focus areas:

I am a Wavemaker

Our dedicated team is the key to our success, at sea and on land. Our core principles are diversity and equality, training, and health and safety for our employees. We understand the very specific challenges of the seafarer lifestyle and aim to create the best possible experience at sea.

We encourage growth and development. To reach our ultimate goal of a sustainable future, each team member must be a wavemaker in their own right.

Wavemakers of the Future

Sallaum Lines humanitarian work is a central component to creating future wavemakers. We give opportunities for better health and education to those who would otherwise not be in such positions. Giving a younger generation the possibility to create the waves of change for the future.

For the Ocean

We are Wavemakers, and we must protect the natural resources that we are dependent upon. The oceans are suffering from climate change, rising sea levels, pollution and melting ice caps. We must all do our part, especially those of us who are operating in and around the ocean.

At Sallaum Lines protecting sea creatures and minimizing pollution is a top priority. We want to preserve the oceans for future generations. Sometimes making waves involves slower speeds, implementing new technology or changing policy.

Selected Actions: