On Land

Inland Transportation

At Sallaum Lines, we offer the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for moving your products inland to their destinations, whether it’s for domestic or international distribution. Our full-range services include transport from ports or factories, providing both rail and road transport options. 

Supporting Your Inland Transportation Needs

We understand the importance of smooth inland transportation, and our network of professionals, local transport entities, and reliable suppliers worldwide is dedicated to supporting your needs. Our services include consultation, network modeling, and procurement, ensuring efficient and experienced inland transportation while adhering to local regulations and requirements. 

Enhanced Visibility and Optimization

To streamline your operations, we provide a range of additional services. Our freight audit services help optimize costs and ensure accurate billing. We can also assist in reporting carbon emissions, providing you with valuable insights into your environmental impact. 

With our tracking, visibility, and event management services, you can stay informed about the status of your shipments throughout the transportation process. 

Additionally, we offer specialty rigging and load consolidation services to optimize efficiency and maximize cargo capacity. Leveraging our network optimization tool, we identify the best routes and modes of transportation for your products, ensuring optimal delivery outcomes. 

Inland Transportation Networks


  • Our inland transportation networks are built on a foundation of reliability, ensuring consistent and dependable service for your product transportation needs.


  • With a global reach, our inland transportation service offers unparalleled flexibility to meet your unique requirements.
  • We combine our own resources with those of our trusted partners and suppliers to provide you with a comprehensive and flexible solution.


  • Our experienced team brings extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure the smooth and cost-effective handling of your products.
  • By leveraging our experience, we maintain consistency and efficiency in handling your products across ports, plants, dealers, and other destinations, delivering exceptional results you can rely on.

Terminal Operations

Sallaum Lines takes immense pride in operating terminals at some of the world’s largest Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) ports. Our primary goal is to provide state-of-the-art facilities with maximum cargo processing, handling, and storage flexibility. We boast reliable inland connections via rail, road, and shortsea, further enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of our services.

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