Wavemakers initiative

Preserving marine life

Sallaum Lines is a proud donor to several international organisations focused on preserving marine life. We are particularly committed to the UN Sustainable Develop­ ment Goal No. 14, “Life Below Water,” aimed to protect and restore ecosystems by supporting the Marine Conservation Institute. Reversing nature loss could account for roughly 30 per cent of global action needed to stabilise our climate. That’s how much we must ensure by 2030 to avoid drastic consequences for humanity. We fully support that goal and forge a strong partnership with the Institute.

We actively help the Institute create the necessary connections, build a conservation network, and provide resources for the daily work of wildlife rangers and environmental managers. To help them develop the Blue Parks project, we focused our contribution on preventing the destruction of high-carbon ecosystems. We are focused on safeguarding remaining mangrove forests, salt marshes, sea grass beds, and other critical coastal habitats that actively sequester carbon.

Protecting blue whales

We admire and aim to protect our vessels’ largest marine compan­ions – the blue whales. So during their high season, when these sea giants are particu­larly vulnerable, our ships follow the instructions to slow down their speed to 1O knots or less. That minimises the impact on blue whales’ routes crossing our POLs on the US East Coast. At the same time, the ships’ low-speed mode reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.