Sallaum Lines unveils The Wavemakers Initiative

Global RoRo shipping company Sallaum Lines sheds light on updated strategic direction and ambitious CSR-initiative.

Shipping closer to half a million vehicles each year for leading OEMs and Freight forwarders, Sallaum Lines is a global player with a strong position in the maritime sector. Aware of the responsibility that comes with such a large operation, we are now highlighting the efforts made to ensure sustainable growth.

The Wavemakers Initiative encompasses who we are and what we believe in: Ocean transportation done right.

The commitment aligns with Sallaum Lines’ consistent dedication to environmental responsibility. The company has seen its revenue triple from 2016 to 2021, but that growth has been paired with a concurrent reduction in CO2 emissions. An ambitious road map lays out further plans, targeting a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030.

“There is no time to waste. Our next big milestone will be having a fully optimized ‘green’ vessel fleet by 2026,” said Sami Sallaum, Chairman of Sallaum Lines. The pathway to this milestone is marked by innovative approaches to renewable energy.

Alongside the acquisition of LNG-fueled newbuilding, the existing fleet will undergo extensive retrofitting and optimizations. Sallaum Lines plans to transition to biofuels and continue to explore and utilize alternative energy sources. The company’s goal is to be fully powered by renewable sources by 2045. Despite these ambitious projects, Sallaum Lines emphasizes that it has never been a more efficient organization.
“Sallaum Lines has a three-decade track record, a team of competent staff, and innovative systems to make these goals achievable,” Sallaum added.

The company’s revamped strategic direction aims to foster innovation, reduce emissions, promote social responsibility, improve managerial approaches, and stimulate significant growth. A profound internal process has facilitated the formation of these cross-functional initiatives, setting the stage for a substantial transformation.

In tandem with this renewed strategic direction, Sallaum Lines has also revamped its visual identity to reflect its strengthened position and commitment to sustainability.

“The company’s position in maritime transportation is stronger than ever, and with all the actions being taken, we will be more resilient to a world in constant change. The new identity reflects who we are as a company—future-driven, innovative, and always seeking better solutions for our clients, employees, and planet,” stated Sallaum.

The Wavemakers Initiative is poised to make waves in the maritime industry, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility. As Sallaum Lines embarks on this sustainable journey, the world will undoubtedly watch with eager anticipation for the transformations that lie ahead.