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2022 Sustainability Progress: Creating the Foundation for Responsible Growth

In 2022, we made significant progress in our sustainability journey,
heading toward carbon-neutral shipping. Because we believe in responsible growth, we have aligned our business plans with our sustainability goals. Sallaum Lines formed dedicated governance and business teams and formulated explicit business implementation and regulation procedures. It performed regular audits and inspections to fulfil its obligations to shareholders and social responsibilities.

First and foremost, we made sure Sallaum Lines complies with all relevant environmental, social, and business ethics and regulations and meets the increasing demand for sustainability transparency and other emerging requirements. We also set up a conscious governance structure. We restructured our Global Sustainability Committee to ensure sustainability goals are actively involved in our decision-making processes.

In addition, Sallaum Lines made sure that our stakeholders prioritise
sustainability strategy, reporting and engagement in their everyday
work. They made sure to align their performance expectations with our green shipping goals. Over the last year, the focus has been on providing transparency of responsible business practices and sustainability innovation efforts in all our customer and partner relationships.

The following 2022 overview is based on the principles of environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting. Let’s take a closer look at sustainability implementation at Sallaum Lines and what were our actions and commitments across the four focus areas: