Sallaum Lines SA is an international ocean transportation company specialized in global RORO cargo shipping of new and used vehicles.


Ranked #8 Worldwide

We’re the 8th largest vehicle carrier in the world. OEMs, vehicle manufacturers and international freight forwarders come to us for safe, reliable, and fast transport of their cargo to new customers on the global market. We see our job as removing the obstacles in bringing the world that trades close together, while targeting the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Deep Market Knowledge

It takes decades of experience to organize vehicle shipping into the smooth process it is today. Long-term investments in technology and continuous training of our dedicated employees enabled us to find solutions for all major industry challenges such as safety, security, efficient loading / discharging processes, protection of the environment, and fast shipping service.


Premium Quality Service

Armed with deep market knowledge, we direct our full attention to exceeding the expectations of our customers and their clients.  

Fast problem solving
Sometimes problems cannot be avoided, but our employees have the authority to take charge of your problem and solve it fast.

Flexible, custom solutions
Every cargo is different, and we are willing to find an answer to every demand, no matter how unconventional or unique.

In close, direct contact
No middlemen, no switching back and forth between support personnel: we address your issues on the spot.

No customer too small
We will work directly with you and won’t be referring you to third parties.

VIP service
For customers with sensitive / valuable cargo we offer added-value services such as closed storage and added layer of vehicle security.

Our Vessels and Routes

The Sallaum Lines owned and chartered fleet is designed to handle a wide mix of vehicles and High/Heavy cargoes. It consists of modern Pure Car&Truck Carrier (PCTC) vessels with an average capacity exceeding 4.000 RT.

At the moment our fleet operates on shipping routes connecting Europe and the USA with West African destinations, with plans to cover many more new global routes in the coming years, based on our customers’ demands and previous requests.

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Company Fact Sheet

Company Name: Sallaum Lines SA
Industry: Shipping

Main Service: RORO Cargo Shipping
Additional Services:

  • Other Cargo Shipping
  • Terminal Operations

Founded: 2009
Founder: Mr. Ibrahim Sallaum

Headquarters: United Arab Emirates
Offices: Belgium, Germany, Lebanon, United States, Spain

Employees: 500+

Vessels Operated: 7
Main Shipping Routes:

  • Europe → West Africa, Mediterranean
  • USA → West Africa
  • (new routes coming soon)

Ports of Call: 20+
Average Capacity per Vessel: 4000 RT
Shipped Vehicles: 200K+ (annually)
End Clients Served: 100,000+