Marion Bahler Joins Sallaum Lines’ Board of Directors in Strategic Move

Sallaum Lines is pleased to announce the nomination of Marion Bahler as a new board member to its Board of Directors. Marion’s extensive experience and insights gained from her years as a Venture Capital & M&A Lawyer at Walder Wyss Ltd make her an exceptional addition to the board.

“We warmly welcome Marion to our Board of Directors,” said Sami Sallaum, chairman of Sallaum Lines. “Her vast experience and unique insights will strengthen our governance and ensure our compliance with all legal requirements as we continue to innovate and expand. We anticipate her valuable contributions and have full confidence that Marion will play a pivotal role in the board of Sallaum Lines.”

Marion’s nomination reflects our commitment to diversifying the skill set and perspectives within our Board of Directors. Her profound understanding and passion for innovation align perfectly with the company‚Äôs core values and strategic direction.

Commenting on her appointment, Marion said, “I am delighted to have the privilege of joining the board of Sallaum Lines and eagerly anticipate collaborating closely with fellow board members and the broader team. Sallaum Lines holds a distinguished position as an industry pioneer in auto shipping, renowned for its customer-centric approach and operational excellence. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to Sallaum Line’s vision and help lead the company into the next phase of its growth.”

With this latest appointment, Sallaum Lines continues building a diverse and robust board, committed to driving the company forward through strategic decision-making and visionary leadership. Marion Bahler’s appointment to the board further solidifies this mission and sets Sallaum Lines on a promising path for future growth and innovation.