Bilal Sallaum Appointed as Chief Business Officer

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Bilal Sallaum as the Chief Business Officer (CBO) of Sallaum Lines Switzerland SA, marking a significant milestone in the company’s continued journey towards unparalleled excellence and innovation in the shipping industry.

Since 2021, Bilal has played a pivotal role as the Head of Strategy & Business Development at Sallaum Lines. He has been instrumental in developing and executing the company’s overarching business strategies and has been a driving force behind all facets of business development, consistently transcending expectations.

In his newly designated role as CBO, Bilal will spearhead the development and execution of extensive strategies designed to propel the company’s business growth forward. He will be responsible for market development, superior customer relationship management, and fine-tuning operational capabilities to align seamlessly with market demands and trends.

Beyond steering the company through market developments, Bilal’s role will also include the oversight of IT, marketing, and sustainability functions, aligning them with the company’s overall vision and objectives. He will work closely with the CEO and other C-suite executives to establish and implement forward-thinking business strategies that align with the company’s objectives.

Mr. Sami Sallaum, Chairman of the Board, congratulated Bilal on his well-deserved promotion, expressing immense pride and confidence in his dedication, innovative strategies, and leadership.

“Bilal’s inspiring commitment and ability to drive Sallaum Lines’ overall business strategy are commendable. I have complete confidence in his passion, commitment, and innovation and look forward to witnessing the remarkable advancements and the new heights the company will reach under his esteemed leadership,” stated Mr. Sami Sallaum.

The appointment of Bilal Sallaum is a testament to his exceptional contribution and the confidence that the company places in his ability to lead, innovate, and drive success. We are excited to see how his leadership and insight will further contribute to the ongoing success of Sallaum Lines Switzerland SA and align with the company’s vision and objectives.

In conclusion, the entire team of Sallaum Lines Switzerland SA extends its warmest congratulations to Bilal Sallaum on his well-deserved appointment and expresses its enthusiastic support and confidence in his vision and leadership as the company embarks on this exciting new chapter.