Safety Culture Aboard Sallaum Lines Vessels

Safety isn’t just a protocol in our maritime pursuits – it’s a core value, a mindset, and an integral part of our identity. As we traverse the oceans, our perseverance in ensuring the safety of life at sea, safeguarding cargo, and preserving the marine environment is not merely a standard to meet; it’s a reflection of who we are and the standards we set for ourselves.

A key element in Sallaum Lines’ safety protocol is the systematic loading of cargo from low to above deck, mitigating risks associated with uneven weight distribution. This approach is complemented by controlled loading speeds, reducing the likelihood of accidents and minimizing potential damage to the cargo.

Guidance and signage play a fundamental part in ensuring smooth operations on board. Clear and strategically placed signs provide directions for crew members and vehicle operators while emphasizing proper loading techniques, enhancing stability, and optimizing space utilization. Illumination and ventilation systems are carefully designed to create optimal working conditions, with non-slip sheets (for surfaces like steel) employed on the deck to prevent any shifting of vehicles during transit.

Crew members are equipped with state-of-the-art personal protective equipment (PPE), including reflective vests for visibility, red suits that facilitate easy identification in low-light conditions, and safety helmets for added protection. This meticulous attention to crew safety extends to regular monitoring and audits conducted by the technical and navigation departments, aligning with the ISM code, Safety Management System (SMS), and IMO regulations and reinforcing a safety-first culture.

These periodic assessments, conducted at intervals not exceeding three months, scrutinize every facet of our operations. From cargo loading protocols to crew protection equipment, ventilation systems, and overall vessel functionality, these audits serve as thorough checkpoints to identify potential improvements and affirm our adherence to the highest safety standards. The Shipboard Audit program, embedded in our operational framework, is a proactive measure contributing to a continuous improvement cycle.

Continuous learning and training are integral components of Sallaum Lines’ safety strategy. Periodic training sessions cover a spectrum of safety protocols, including the proper use of safety equipment such as SCBA, EEBD, lifejackets, life rafts, and more. A comprehensive shipboard training program conducted throughout the year addresses various emergency scenarios, ensuring the crew is well-prepared for any unforeseen incidents.

The commitment to safety extends beyond training to regular shipboard drill programs, covering boat operations, fire response, emergency steering, collision and grounding scenarios, oil spill management, personal accidents, man overboard and recovery procedures, ship/helicopter operations, entry to enclosed spaces, and rescue operations.

Sallaum Lines’ dedication to safety is further demonstrated through ship-shore drills, addressing critical aspects such as piracy attacks, pollution, and cybersecurity and security protocols. This holistic approach emphasizes that safety and security are non-negotiable priorities for the company, with a clear understanding that a healthy, danger-free working environment is essential to prevent injuries, loss of life, and environmental damage.