Sallaum Lines Welcomes Natalie Sallaum as Chief Relationship Officer

Sallaum Lines proudly announces the appointment of Natalie Sallaum as its new Chief Relationship Officer (CRO), effective May 31, 2024. Natalie brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role, having previously served as Head of Sustainability for three years, where she played a central role in driving our sustainability strategy to notable milestones.

During her tenure as Head of Sustainability, Natalie led initiatives that propelled Sallaum Lines towards achieving its emission reduction goals well ahead of schedule. Under her leadership, we advanced our target of a 40% emissions reduction from 2030 to 2027, facilitated by incorporating new LNG Dual Fuel new buildings into our fleet.

In parallel, Sallaum Lines successfully digitalized its fleet with advanced sensors for real-time data monitoring. This allows immediate adjustments to reduce emissions and improve fuel and energy efficiency, modernizing fleet performance management, voyage planning, and weather routing.

During Natalie’s tenure, we proudly joined the UN Global Compact and cultivated strong ties with the Marine Conservation Institute, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability. Participating in the SDG Flag Day campaign, we raised awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and demonstrated our dedication to the 2030 Agenda. As members of the United Nations Global Compact Switzerland & Liechtenstein, we integrated these principles into our business strategy, operations, and culture. In our partnership with the Marine Conservation Institute, we provided a patrol boat to Ocean Revolution Mozambique for the Inhambane Bay Community Conservation Network. This Blue Sparks program supports local marine conservation, sustainable practices, and community empowerment.

Given her track record in consolidating the Sustainability Department and fostering collaboration, Sallaum Lines is delighted to announce that Natalie will transition to the role of Chief Relationship Officer, which comes at an opportune moment for the company. As the first woman to join our C-suite, Natalie’s strategic acumen and capability to forge strong partnerships will be instrumental as we seek to expand our network, particularly with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

In her new capacity, Natalie will be responsible for cultivating and nurturing relationships with key stakeholders, where she will drive business development initiatives and lead efforts to enhance our industry presence. Also, she will be crucial in representing Sallaum Lines in conferences, industry forums, and networking events, strengthening the company’s positioning as a pioneer in the maritime industry. Her role as CRO also entails working closely with the Operations and Sales department to ensure the company delivers exceptional services to its clients. Her appointment demonstrates our strong belief in promoting women in leadership roles and reflects our dedication to leveraging the fresh perspectives of young talent. Moreover, Natalie’s deep familial ties to the company permeate her with a unique understanding of our values and vision.

Natalie Sallaum attending ECG General Assembly and Spring Congress with COO Kay Lemcke and Managing Director David Van Ballaert

Commenting on her new role, Natalie stated, “Stepping into the role of Chief Relationship Officer at Sallaum Lines, I am inspired to champion a culture of collaboration and innovation. Our goal is to elevate our stakeholder relationships, ensuring we not only meet but exceed the needs of our global partners and stakeholders. We are set to transform challenges into opportunities, focusing on strategic partnerships, sustainability, and technological advancement to navigate the dynamic shipping industry. Together, we will set new benchmarks for excellence and sustainability in the maritime industry.”

“I am pleased to welcome Natalie as Chief Relationship Officer, considering her new role will certainly drive Sallaum Lines to its new chapter of growth. Since overseeing the Sustainability Department, she has proved to be a mission-driven and goal-oriented leader in such a fast-paced environment. Her passion for developing high-performance teams and culture and her ability to be strategic make her ideal for this role.” said Sami Sallaum, Chairman of Sallaum Lines.

In alignment with Natalie’s appointment, we are confident in our ability to navigate the complexities of global logistics, ensuring customer satisfaction and securing trusted strategic partnerships for sustainable growth.